Hi, I am Brent R. Hawks taking up Marketing course focusing on real estate industry. I took a specialize lessons and course about different real estate properties including subdivision, apartments and condos. I apply my previous knowledge and learning in marketing and advertisement as a pre-requisite for marketing real estate properties.

The industry is very huge and I found a big challenge as it always test the limits of my abilities. At a young age, I wanted to develop some marketing strategies that can be used and focus only on marketing real estate properties. As a marketing professional, there are some theories and practices that may not be applicable for real estate industry which is applicable on other niches. So with this, I have dedicated myself to study the depth of real estate and its different areas.

There are different ways to advertise real estate property. You may do it using radio program, television, internet marketing or even cold marketing. Though one method can be applicable and will work in houses, but it does not mean it can also work on apartments and condominiums. This what it makes more challenging and fun to do. As there will always be new learning and different information to remember and to use.

Being a marketing consultant, when I was able to help people and families find new homes makes me more happy and proud. When I can help them sell their property and be happy it also makes me happy and feel wonderful. It is truly a satisfying job as it enables me to provide expert service and quality work with professionalism to different persons and that would change their lives.

Finding a good marketing and advertising expert in the field of real estate is difficult nowadays, there are people who claim that they can sell your property or that they can find you a good one, but in the end it turns out to be much worst. You need to carefully identify the person and determine his capacity. It would be easy to find reviews in the internet or get some portfolios out of the person.